Z axis Touch off issue near machine


We are having an issue with our ArcDroid. When the machine touches off the work piece near the machine the torch hits the piece and keeps probing. It then retracts but still drags on the work surface. This does not happen everywhere, just in an area close to the machine (I don’t have measurments). The one thing that works if we do need to start a cut in this area is to lightly put a hand on the z-axis cable but not enough to noticeably move it. Perhaps that steadies it. The cable moves freely and everything else seems to be in good shape.

I saw a post similar to what we’re experiencing. (hope I formatted that right)

Thanks for reading

Your Z axis limit switch is probably sticking, located where the cable enters the Arcdroid.

Or your plasma torch cabling isn’t properly supported. It’s influencing the gravity drop of the Z axis. The Z cable can only pull the Z up, it can’t push the Z down.