Torch height not correct on some portions of a cut

Hello! I have a .dxf file that I’ve loaded on to the Acrdroid. When watching it go through a run (torch off) it will move, lower the torch until it touches, move back up and then fire. All good. On the 4th hole and subsequent cuts, the torch head is lowered but does not touch, then it moves up and begins the cut.

The end result is that with some cuts the torch is the correct distance from the material but others its way too high.

I made the file in Sketchup and exported. The sketchup drawing is only on one plane and doesn’t have any depth (it’s 2d, not 3d).

Any help is appreciated!


Can you email us your file? i will take a look.

Sent. Thank you very much!


Doesn’t sound like a file issue - is the plasma torch lead getting snagged up on the table etc when over on the 4th hole? any resistance to the torch movement will fool the AD into thinking it has touched off

Thank you for that! I thought that may be the case but as far as I can tell that isn’t it. I’ll look again. It’s very consistent where it occurs. If the file looks good, I’ll work on that next.


Try adjusting torch in sled, lower it so the z axis isn’t at or near its limit

That worked for me

I just dealt with this exact problem myself after re-setting up my ensalved robot onto it’s new x2 sled. One particular place on the table, the torch would never touch down.

Turns out, it was the far edge of the table, and the overhead bungee cord I was using to hold the torch cable was fully lifting the cable off the table way over there. There simply was not enough force from the flimsy spring and torch/cable to prevent the ‘slack sensor’ in z axis from engaging pre-maturely.

I tested out my hypothesis by lightly pushing down on the torch head, and then it would touch down fine.

I re-rigged my overhead bungee cord so that the torch cable was never fully lifted off the table, and the problem went away.

I think a longer term solution might be a more stout spring pushing down on the torch sled to keep the slack out of the Z axis cable. Or maybe I need to make some other adjustment on my Z axis slack sensor. But it’s working now.

Now you mention it - i did see a video on YT - amp mech possibly - talk about this very issue when the arm was out stretched far. It was binding up and not lowering properly and giving the false touch off level.

@Matt_UK True story. Can happen on the outter 3-4 inches of the cut area. Adjusting the whole Z carriage down a bit fixes it. And be sure the Z rails are clean/lubed.
As @Behemoth60 mentioned as well, you have to have some slack in your torch lead. Too much pressure up or down can force a false probe.