Calibrated, but having difficulties


I’ve tested a file on my recently setup arcdroid but finding the torch is at different heights and seams to jump from one area to the next.

Is there a test file I can rule out my machine is setup right?

My arcdroid isnt attached to the plasma torch yet.

Also Are there any machine settings for the jasic 60 JP 61 plasma cutter at hand, do I need to change jumper setting for the THC?

Many thanks


Calibration using the triangle does nothing to calibrate the Z position.
Is your Droid clamped down and leveled with your work surface? Make sure the work surface of the material is not teetering.
To find where your Z position is at do this. Use simple trace, layout a 6” circle. Set Cut height in Tune to say .0625”. Start a dry run and pause while cutting the circle. Measure the tip height from the work where it paused. Alter your tune setting to get .0625” in real life at the tip. The diff between the numbers is what you’ll need to offset your tune settings by to get the cut height what you really want.
The new self leveling feature works real well to comp the Z throughout the part cut and account for things being askew.


Yes the machine is level.

I ran a test again with your own DXF file, the first test the torch acted as if it forgot to self level on one of the cuts half way through the programme, but the next time it moved it was fine.

I ran the test again with no issues. So intermittent.

I’m yet to update firmware as I’ve only got a 4gb usb stick ATM.

Torch height is 2mm and every new cut the torch touches the plate and lifts 2mm.


Sounds like you are having issues with “False Probe”

Thread here

Video here


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