Not probing before every cut causing the torch height to be too far to pierce

my machine is leveled with the table i re leveled it because it was slightly off thought this was causing my issues but after fixing the table and re calibrating my machine, my first cut started off great it cut 5 pieces fine then went back to not probing and not getting an arc then a few pieces later it started working well again and probing before piercing.


Hey Josh You are a victim of the the dreaded “False Probe”. It’s purely a mechanical thing.

The ArcDroid probes by sensing slack in the Z cable. So if anything causes the torch to Hang up prematurely it will cause it to probe higher than expected.
So make sure your Z slides are Clean and lightly lubricated.
Make sure your torch cables are well supported and that they are not causing undue torque on the Z slides.
And don’t zip tie or otherwise attach anything to the Z cable.

You can also adjust your Head with the dovetail on the front to make sure you are operating in the upper half of the Z travel this will maximize the spring pressure and reduce likelihood of false probes

I also recommend you make sure your torch is mounted by the plastic part of your torch not the ceramic cup this will reduce torque moment on the Z slides and ensure your torch is protruding well.


awesome thank you for that info, I’m going to say its my whip cable causing our issue here its about a 20 year old Hypertherm cutter and the whip is very stiff.