Weird gcode results with a simple file

Hello, its me again with another strange issue. I have no clue what is going on. The item i am trying to cut is about 25.5mm wide and 80mm tall. Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I figured it out. No matter what Kerf setting, this is the result. It worked fine without Kerf. I assume it is because the smaller circles were throwing it off.

I use no kerf 99% of the time. And your right it sometimes mess things up when you have real small hole.Glad you figured it out was just fixin to tell you.
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Yup the small radius thing is throwing off the Kerf Algorithm.
We’ve had a couple bugfixes that have addressed this in later versions of Simpletrace
Highly recommend you update you machine


Thanks Joatmon you as well.

I did today, l’m still having the occasional issue with the z axis. Sometimes, even without the gun. It will not go all the way down. I have oiled it and suspended my wires over the machine and the weight of the gun helps. Is this a break in issue or do you think I have an alignment issue? I don’t see anything bent so I am assuming it’s just needing time to break in the bushings.

Make sure you have plenty of slack in torch cable, because if the z axis is under any stress it assumes it has reached the material .and the error occurs. Or at least that was my problem i believe most of us first time users of the arcdroid have made this mistake.
GOD bless and good luck

The cables are suspended with plenty of slack. When the issue started today, I tried lowering the torch manually and it was giving a false bottom. I pulled the torch off of the unit and it would not lower without my helping it. I shot a video of it to share because I don’t think this is normal. Sorry about the background noise in the vid. Z issue I did get it to work after some tinkering but it seems to be binding up randomly. The weight of the torch helped it to lower when I put it back on. I assume since it is new and doesn’t have even an hour on it, maybe the bushings need to be broken in? I just want to be sure this is normal if that is the case. Thanks for the help.

It sounds like the Z axis is binding on the rails of the head. The Z goes down by gravity and spring tension (you can’t push a cable). The cable pulls it upwards with the servo motor.
With the Z fully down you can bring it up with your hand and feel if the slides are smooth. You can simply pull on the cable sheath and lift the head up. It should be smooth and free.


The Z mechanism is very sensitive to drag of any kind. Grease is a Bad idea and may be you problem

Rails should be clean and dry with just the lightest bit of silicone lube.
If you lower the head all the way down and then lift the block by hand and let it go it should Snap down to the bottom with no resistance, if you’ve got thick grease there it’s probably producing enough drag to cause the false probe issues.


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no grease, I only put 3-in 1 oil and this occurred before I tried using it. It helped a bit but I think I have a sticky Z. I’ll clean it up and see what’s the deal. I’ll try silicone. For sure I have the cabling worked out,I used it on a couple of large cuts with no issue and then it started sticking on its own and would not lower with or with out the torch on a smaller part, I eventually got it going again and am trying to figure out what is the deal.

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Give us a ring if you have the chance 705-828-0470
We’ll walk through a couple trouble shooting steps and get you sorted out. May be as simple as making an adjustment , might be something deeper who knows.
Either way we’ll get you rolling again ASAP.

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Thanks Andrew, I have been tied up so I’ll check it all out asap and call if I can’t figure it out.