YesWelder CUT65DS Compatibility Issue?

Sorry to beat what is probably becoming a dead horse, but I’m curious as to what the compatibility issue is with the Cut65DS. It seems to meet the non-High-Frequency Start requirement. I’ve used it for a few different cuts and it seemed to work fine, but I haven’t got that much experience with it. It’s sitting in a corner of the shop now and figured I’d use it once I get around to setting everything up.

The only post I’ve seen about the unit mentions that it was incompatible but not why. My ArcDroid is still in the box so I’m a bit behind the curve on connecting everything up at the moment. Is it an issue of needing to rewire the torch or is it something else that I’m overlooking? I have a few other older Hypertherm machines, but I doubt they will work without rewiring a few things.


The Yeswelder CUT65DS is compatible however Yeswelder makes a bunch of other models including a Cut55 that are NOT compatible.

And for what it’s worth all of the Yeswelder stuff we have tested (Bothe HF and not) have been pretty low quality machines.

So as long as you keep your consumables in good shape and your table well grounded then you shouldn’t have any problems with your set up


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