Cutter 2 droid (pilot) setup

Hi everyone,
I wonder if there are any setup guides on yt to see how most cutters are connected to the machine.
I know it’s probably pretty simple but nebws like myself like to go in prepared before the sparks fly rampant.
I wonder if my cheap chinese cutter will work tbh.
I see it has a 2 pin connector that will allow the Droid to fire it up but all else is pretty hazy. Any thoughts or tips are welcomed.

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From the looks of it, that is a simple connect to the droid… and cut …I hope so anyway, thanks for sharing !


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Sorry to say it but that is a High frequency start Plasma cutter and is not compatible with the ArcDroid

So although it looks easy to connect…if you do you will most likely damage your ArcDroid


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Thank you Andrew, is there a way to tell a hf from a lf one so i don’t buy a second hf one ?

Think i have it down thx to this old fella :slight_smile:

Pilot Arc vs High Frequency (Can You REALLY Use The Same Plasma Torch ) - YouTube

Basically i should be looking for something like this i recon:

Celui ci en photo est un HF non ?

I am under the impression the top one (mine) is HF and the Stahlwerk one is not, right ?


Actually no. “Pilot Arc” does Not mean low frequency in most cases. It simply means a modified High frequency system! this is the case with the Stahlwerk unit you have shown here.

Direct quote from their website

"The powerful STAHLWERK CUT 100 Pilot IGBT plasma cutter with 2T/4T mode delivers a powerful 100 amps and has a precise high-frequency (HF) pilot ignition for first-class ignition behaviour. "

That video guy in particular produces videos with as far as I can tell nothing but HF machines and even advocates modifying them for a “Poor mans Pilot Arc” I would not recommend him as a source of Correct information.

Hey Andrew,
I’m showing the Cut 40 but as you state that one also is a HF machine.

Not to worry though i now have a lot more info so i’ll make sure to get a compatible unit none the less.

Thanks and sorry for the newb questions.


Although it can be harder to source Low frequency start units in your part of the world I did a little googling and everything on this page seems to be a LF unit

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You’re a star Andrew, thank you!

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