Can I adjust the pierce starting point on the Arcdroid?

As an example I’m cutting out a horse that I setup in Inkscape from a jpeg and loaded into AD as DXF, it starts cutting at the hoof and leaves a nick, I’d like it to start cutting at a waste section 1st.



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Yes you can alter the start point,. To avoid / reduce divots make sure to use lead-ins

Edit the selected shape in Simple Trace there is an option to change the lead in position. It is limited in ST to some preset points.

You cycle through them until you see a position you like.

For more accurate control you will need a Gcode program like SheetCam, it’s a 3rd party program for a computer which will allow you much more control over the cuts.

Each polyline in your DXF file has a start node - most editors will allow you to select any node in the polyline to be the start node. ST uses the start node as the default start cut point.


thanks so much Matt, I will give both a try