Trying to cut DXF file frome onshape

I have tried to get the arc droid to cut a simple shape i drew in onshape and it doesnt matter what i do the cut path is messed up or it will turn what should be a single cut into 4 or 5 seperate cuts. It loads the shape up perfectly but i cant edit any of the messed up tool paths.

Here is the shape in onshape.


What version of Simple Trace are you on?
We found several glitches like this along the way and have corrected for them as we go.
If you have the latest version it should have corrected for this already

Newest update is available in our Web site under the “Downloads” section

Note: if you want to use all the new features you need to update bithe simple trace and the main machine firmware.


I started using Onshape and I was wondering what post processor you need to have in order to convert the file to use with arcdroid ?

Currently there is no post processor for onshape. You can either save as a DXF (which i assume it allows you too) and put directly into ArcDroid as long as its not overly detailed Or save and import into one there is one for Fusion 360, Vcarve, Sheetcam or QCam.