Why are my drawings from fusion 360 all over the place?

Hi everyone I hope someone could point me in the right direction I was wondering how I can set up my drawings in fusion360 so that my start cut point matches the zero point on the Arcdroid arm. I’m trying to get the most out of the material and at the moment I move the arm and keep hitting zero in Arcdroid software until my drawing is in a spot where i can cut it out

When you are creating your tool path and choosing cut parameters in F360, there is a place to allow you to choose your cut starting point, may want to try that?


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You can also realign the Origin of your drawing in the latest version of Simple Trace
Press the transform button
And then tap the “origin” button (also available on the DXF import screen) to toggle through the alternative…center, top left bottom right etc.
This will move the origin in relation to the Drawing so you can easily pick up the right spot to zero your arm.