Fusion 360 tool path sequence and lead-in questions

Hello again, Im getting the hang of drawing/designing in Fusion 360, I’m able to also get tool path and machine parameters pre set…I THINK… Simulation goes great, runs in order I want hopefully because I choose my cuts in sequence AND choose to maintain sequence, then select cut inside first…when I post to processor and load into Arcdroid, I get some inner cuts skipped, then the perimeter cuts, then tries to finish interior cuts, but the stock is now cut loose… Any Ideas what i’m doing to confuse it?

next issue is, a part with shapes cut in it, you want to start cut inside the hole, but the parameter, wants to start outside and work inward, How can I tell it to do this? I’ve only been able to get gut from all one direction, so sometime good surfaces show lead in.

Thanks !

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Are you saying the interior cuts that are skipped are the same ones it returns to and cuts after the exterior cuts?

I had this problem also. I used Simple Trace to edit the drawing changing it to inside to outside and it worked fine.

Thanks @Blackgt350h I will for sure give that a try


Yes, that is what I have experienced, not consistent however, that’s part is what’s throwing me off