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Well I picked up the Arcdroid because of the trace feature. Having said that I’ve downloaded the personal version of Fusion 360. I’ve purchased plans to build the House Made Gen 5 2”x72”belt sander/grinder and it came with .Dxf files. Can anyone help me isolate the files so I can import and cut 1 item at a time. If I can’t figure this out I plan to print a .pdf actual size and trace it then cut it. Thank you in advance

@dano4911 I have the Gen 2 dxf’s and was messing around with them tonight after I read your post.

I took am not a wiz at Fusion 360, but I found a way to create the G-code for each individual component.
Feel free to email me and we can set a time to walk thru it. Too much to cover via this post.

Thank you Bob. I will do just that.

@dano4911 I thought a bit more about how to break apart the grinder parts/shapes and came up with two simpler and less complex methods.

Method 1: Simply upload the entire .dxf file to the ArcDroid. Once the file is on the tablet, hit the Trace button, select a part(s) you do NOT want to cut out, and use the back arrow to delete the shape one line at a time. This method will take a bit of time, but is the simplest since absolutely no file manipulation is needed nor is any understanding of and CAD/drawing software. (see video link below) Any remaining parts will be the parts you want the ArcDroid to cut out.

Method 2: Download the free software InkScape. Open the grinder .dxf file in InkScape. Select & copy the single part you want to cut on the ArcDroid. Paste the part into a new InkScape file and save as a .dxf file. Upload this new “single part” .dxf file into ArcDroid and cut. This method is much quicker than Method 1, but you’ll need to learn basic functionality within InkScape (Nothing a 15 minute YouTube tutorial cant show you)

Then of course there’s Method 3: Fusion 360 manipulation. Much more complex and detailed to explain in this post, and after considering the two methods above, I urge you to try Method 2 first.

Good Luck and give me a shout if you still run into questions.

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Bob thank you for all of the time and thought that you put into this. I’ll give inskape a try. I tried fusion but couldn’t figure it out. If I can’t figure out Inkscape I’ll try option 1. Thank you again for your time.

The solution is simple to accomplish in Fusion.

The parts to cut are handled in the Manufacturing section where you create your “setup” for your plasma cutter tool. Each 2D profile created can have specific parts.

Here you can see “Set 3” is the four parts in dark blue only. When you
“Post Process”, If “Set 3” is selected, this is the only Gcode created.

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I’ll give that a try. Thank you.

Nice! That’s good to know. :+1: Thanks