Cut parts smaller than drawn cad files, kerf settings?

File was created with cad and gcode processed through sheetcam. Ive set the kerf settings at 0 as directed in sheetcam post processor but my parts are smaller than the desired measurements on the outside dimensions of said parts. Would the Kerf setting on the droid interface adjust my parts sizing? I have it set on cutting on the outside of my desired cut line. Ive yet to play with the kerf settings on the droid to see what the effect would be

Hey Jay

You have to get you kerf setting right in SheetCAM first. You need to adjust your SheetCAM settings to include your kerf offset but then set the ArcDroid to 0.00 not SheetCAM.

The reason we force Kerf=0 on the ArcDroid when you import G code is because we don’t want to add another offset to the one you put on the file in SheetCAM and have everything come out way out of whack

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So imported DXF files into simple trace CAN have a kerf value greater than zero and still cut fine? It’s just Gcode files that need to be on zero in AD - this right?


That is correct.
A DXF file is geometry data only so you by necessity have to add the kerf offset.
G-Code is already calculated motion data for the file so kerf Offset is already baked in


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