DXF import issue - kerf causing error

Hi, I’m having persistent errors generating a cut path with an offset kerf after importing a DXF on board via USB stick. As you can see the cut path goes haywire:

I’m really tired of this. I use Solidworks which costs me $1000s so there’s no way i’m paying for Fusion as well just to use the Gcode side of it. What’s the way out guys? I’m a professional user so need a way forward.

I get this too with DXF files - its not you its bugs in the Simple trace app. Your best bet right now is to buy sheetcam. You drop your DXF in to that and it will generate GCODE for AD that will cut just fine every time - Never had an issue with the GCODE from Sheetcam.

do not waste any more time tweaking anything as you will not get anywhere. Maybe in the next software update some more of these bugs will be fixed.

As a work around if you set the kerf to zero the issue goes away. That’s all you can do with DXF files for now.

Thanks for your response Matt. I have noticed that using centre cut eliminates the issue at the expense of accuracy. What gets me is how erratic the error is! some files are fine, others aren’t. Shouldn’t have to use 3rd part software to add yet another step in the process to cut a simple part really detracts from it’s potential ease of use. I will look into Sheetcam, thanks.

What we have to remember, Arcdroid was the creation of one man, It is still quite new and in development. So it’s a wonder it exists at all as a commercial product. Andrew must be a special guy to get his idea this far IMHO.

We have all gotten used to big companies with huge R&D budgets making things perfect from day one. AD does not fall in to this category so we have to accept the limitations of one man battling to make the product perfect.

I am sure in time AD will mature and meet all our expectations but for now we have to accept its bugs and quirks as they get weeded out.

Sheetcam is cheap for what it does and even when DXF is fixed you wont go back to using DXF due to the array of options available when making native GCODE. It will simply make plasma life 100x easier. Let me know if you need any tips setting it up. The few youtube vids I’ve seen on sheetcam over complicate things IMHO.
The trial version limits you to 180 lines of code which is basically a shape like a flange with a few holes - your shape above might just make it in 180 lines

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Thanks Matt, appreciate your comments and agree.

I just bought Sheetcam, setup and ran my part just now, very pleased. At this point I’m happy.

Excellent news. It’s a small additional step in the output process but will save you a ton of time by eliminating the DXF frustrations. Happy cutting :grinning:

Open your solidworks drawing and remake that slot in a different manner, then resave it as a DXF. I have had this happen a few times in the 18 plus years I have been making DXF files. I have no explanation, but it will happen with software for the big tables too. FYI…It could be you have those slots set to cut on the outside.

Matt_UK got me using Sheetcam instead of importing dxf directly into the Arcdroid. I won’t be going back, and at a little over $100 its a bargain.