Importing DXF files from AutoCad 2022 not uploading without errors correctly (updated)

Greetings all,
I have my arcdroid updated on all files, and after trying to use the trace function without success on curves to my liking, I decided to draw the wrench i am working on in AutoCad 2022 to get a cleaner version to cut.

when i loaded the DXF into the deck, i got a bunch of extraneous cut lines i didn’t draw in.
(see pic)

I thought it might be hidden lines i wasn’t seeing, and went back into Autocad and looked at my layer window and confirmed that there were no layers turned off…
I thought the save as dxf 2018 extension might be causing issues, so i went thru and saved on all iterations of the DXF avail on Autocad with no changes.
I moved the wrench off the X,Y 0,0 point in Autocad and box selected over the areas were the lines were showing up on the arcdroid screen, and nothing is showing up as any selected items…

Not sure what to do here. I “could” start all over in Fusion 360, but honestly i have 7 hours on this now and my boss is giving me the raised eyebrow now.

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

be safe

On a whim I imported the DXF directly into Fusion 360 to see if the errors are occurring. As you can see it loaded fine.
(see pic)

I can only assume that the arcdroid is interpreting the DXF file in a off way. not sure what to do…

thanks in advance…


Try exporting as G-code…I have good luck that way

mtw1, my thoughts exactly,
I used the DXF import utility ( strongly suggest fusion users get, its free) and loaded the DXF into fusion directly, and made a Gcode file
(see pic)

then loaded the gcode into the arcdroid and made the cut
(see pic)

the result was great, the main concern was the with of the wrench on the cut and i am within .002, which is more than ok…
(see pic)

boss is smiling again.
If anyone has a better way to get a DXF into the arcdroid i am game.
thanks for the feedback.
be safe all

Glad you got it sorted!

.DXF is a 40+ year old format with a zillion patches and kludges along the way. So it’s a minor miracle we can do it at all on the ArcDroids limited processing power.
So we are continuously finding new edge cases where it doesn’t work right.

So if you could. Please email us the file you were having trouble with and we’ll analyse it an hopefully improve our import utility in a future update.
Send to