Problem with dxf getting clipped

When I import a dxf file the ends of it get “missed” Think of a rectangle with rounded ends (full radius). When the dxf translates in the rounded ends are skipped and the shape gets closed with straight lines. I’ve tried 2 differnt cad programs and using differnt world coordinate systems. The dxf opens fine with other viewers and also I can upload it to cutting services fine. It seems to just be the translation in the arcdroid. (I have all the latest drivers). Any suggestions?

I did get a workaround with loading my cad file into fusion and having that make the g-code - worked well and part came out as wanted - so not sure the issue with the dxf. I use Inventor - so still would like a direct dxf solution rather than the extra step of fusion

Please share a sample file that shows the problem, and we can look into updating the DXF parser.

Not sure how to post on this forum but file is here:

Something that I notice that may be a clue or a red herring is that when Autodesk DWG Trueview 2020 opens it it first opens up full screen with the whole part, then the toolbar comes in at the top and the work window gets smaller and clips the part in the view like the arcdroid does - then rescales the whole part back in. Maybe is has something to do with that - part is about 9.4"

I opened your drawing in QCAD/CAM and it loaded fine. I think Andrew is working on a post processor to work with QCAD/CAM for the ARCDROID. Hopefully it will be seamless to load the GCode from QCAM to the ARCDROID.