DXF File help fusion 360

Hi I purchased a coupe dxf files to use for a smoker i am building. 1 of the files is giving me a headache. When i load it on my arcdroid its telling me its outside the geometry. The file had multiple items in it. I was able to save them individually but still get the same error message that its outside the geometry. The designs are within the size the droid should cut. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sounds like an ORIGIN aka ZERO mark issue. Make sure you zero the arm where you want the origin of the dxf to be, if its offset too much it puts the design in a stupid place away from the cutting area. A few options to try if you want to change the dxf origin.

Load the DXF and then open it in SIMPLE TRACE click the edit button and cycle through the Origin options see what looks best to get the DXF in the center of the work area.

Another option is to edit the DXF in CAD software and set the origin somewhere sensible ir bottom left or center of design

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Found this on the Facebook group…
There’s an “Ext Cut” (Extended Cut) options you can turn on in the setting to allow you to cut out the basic box

Go to your trace/drawing function and then hit the setting icon you should see the “Ext Cut” box there to turn on

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