Cutting holes 1/4 inch and smallersorry for

Does anyone know how to set up cuts for 1/4 inch and smaller, mine want burn right, i have either to much top slag or not full cuts. Before I start burning up consumables can I set the Droid hole diameter to zero and cut drill pilot holes?

1/4” is nearing the limit for a plasma cut hole and that is in thin material. You generally want .100” lead starting a hole so that is interfering with the other side. If fine cut nozzles are available for you machine that can help some. Your better off with a drill……
Best advice is minimum amps, start at the center and keep the cut speed up.

Thats what I figured I was hoping I was doing something wrong lol. I have to use a press my hands shake to much and mag drills have the same issues cutter bits shatter easily and are expensive at that size.

Use standard drill bits in your mag drill, that’s what chucks are for. Annular cutters below 1/2” are pretty senseless….


Plasma as a process is notorious for not cutting small holes correctly, it’s not specific to your ArcDroid

It’s one of those things that if you google it everyone just says " Cut em smaller and drill em out"

Part of it is actually an electromagnetic thing. You are basically creating a tiny electromagnet in the slug inside the hole, this actually deflects the plasma arc somewhat.
Part of it is an acceleration thing, as the machine accelerates around the hole the plasma arc lags behind a little that means it tilts the flame with respect to the direction of travel.
All this is unnoticeable on bigger holes but depending on your plasma cutter and your settings it can be very pronounced on small holes (typically anything <= 2X thickness)

If you enter 0.0 for hole diameter ArcDroid will ignore it.
However if you put something super tiny in there like 0.01 with Center cut and no lead it will effectively Pierce a pilot hole for you .
Just remember to grind of any Dross or slag before drilling to avoid chewing up your drill bits


Maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong but, I read somewhere that plasma cutting essentially hardens the metal as it cuts. I’ve attempted to mill a plasma cut edge and I’ll tell ya, it was not an experience I’d wish for my worst enemy.

Sweet thanks that will save me on using smaller bit my hand shakes due to my medication every little trick I can learn helps me get around some of my limitations I just wish I would have listened more in math class!


Yup you are right the dross on the edge of the cut is essentially hardened steel.

You have to grind the slag off the top of the cut before you attempt to drill or you will chew up your but.

And of course good quality drills make a big difference in longevity