Date & Time Question

Every time I turn off the Arcdroid and turn it back on the date and time change so I have to reset it which is easy enough…anyone know how to keep this from occurring?

Known issue - Latest 27th Dec. firmware & trace fixes it

I have already updated simple trace and firmware. I’ll look for that date. Thx Matt

Can you please reach out to and let us know the results of your update? Is it holding time after? Thanks!

Hi Ken, Thx for your response. I looked at my latest update and it wasn’t the latest one available.
Tomorrow I’m going to upload the proper updates. I must have done something incorrectly one my first attempt. If it doesn’t work I’ll take your suggestion.
Thx again.

I have made multiple attempts to update both simple trace and firmware only to find that the date/time will not hold…???
My USB is brand new and nothing else is on it.

ok can you please email us at your serial number and screen shot of your version? You can choose setting and then hit Arcdroid logo 5 times, then hit the info screen. That is what i need a shot of to help figure this out. Thanks!

Hi Ken,
Thank you for reaching out, I appreciate you Sir. I had a friend come over who is tech savvy and he figured out the problem…It was me !!! I accidentally excluded something while downloading to the usb…my bad. We uploaded the latest version and the UI did exactly what Anfrew said it would do. The SD card was also uploaded and all seems to be working great at the moment. Again, thank you.
I truly am loving this machine and the learning process involved. Cannot believe the stuff that it is making for me.

Kind regards,

That’s Fantastic! Thank you for letting me know and please reach out to your Buddy and Thank them for us as well. All we want is for Y’All (I am Texan) to be cutting metal without issue whenever you want too!

I just cut these out today. I can’t believe the detail in the kitty…WOW!
My buddy is a Harrier Pilot for the Marine so he’s a pretty smart dude.
I’ll thank him again.
I see the latest update is 1/2024 for Simple Trace.

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Should share these in file share section!
God bless play safe