DXF File not loading

Hi guys, anyone having problems loading dxf files since the new operating system and firmware update?
I use Solid Edge and files loaded no problem prior to the update. Now you can see the file but when you load it nothing comes up. Even the most basic file wont work.


Are you sure it’s not there but soo far off into the weeds that it does not show on the screen.
When a .dxf imports the default origin is “Input” which means it’ll use the origin as drawn which means the drawing may be a long way from the 0.0 point

You can use the origin dialog to switch the position of the 0.0 point with respect to the drawing.
this may move your file back onto the screen for you. (you can use the knob to scroll thru the options)

Thanks Andrew, that has fixed most of them. I am still having a issue with a few but i will go back to the drawings and check them to see if the fault lies there. Is there a maximum files size for the dxf the unit can process?


Hey Brad. Yes the ArcDroid has limited onboard memory so if you’re trying to load a “three wolves howling at the moon in front of the American flag with fireworks exploding” fire pit graphic it’s gonna bork

It has to do with how many tiny little lines the curves have to get broken up into…more curves = more lines of code and eventually you hit a memory limit.

You can play with the “Tolerance” value to reduce the number of lines. Simply up the number a bit and it’ll reduce the memory required to load it.


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