Illustrator dxf file issues

ArcDroid newbie! Please forgive me if these questions are too basic! I’m using Adobe Illustrator to create my dxf files.1. what are the dxf settings I should use (see images). 2. designing in inches. 3. dxf file seems large (1.6MB) for a 3"x3" image?

What’s the import process on the arcdroid?

  1. home
    2 zero
    3 load (choose dxf file from jump drive
    4… then what?

huge thank you in advance!

Those bought offline have too many lines. The arcdroid don’t like most files over 500MB. I have not got my X2 hooked up yet so don’t know if that makes a difference. Hope this helps.

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then what…. If you are happy with the placement of the design on the screen/ cut area then press START to cut it - (Might want to do a “dry-run” first with the torch OFF just to make sure it’s doing what you thought it would do!

The more you “play” with it the more you understand it. I made a little step through cheat sheet with the steps I need to take for each set up - much like your list above