ESAB PC-1125 - High or Low Frequency?

I have a ESAB PC-1125 plasma cutter. (not PCM 1125) I’ve looked online to see if I could find specifications stating weather its a high or low frequency machine and I can’t find anything.
Is there an easy way to check if my machine is high or low frequency pilot start?

Is it a scratch start or pilot ark

[ESAB Powercut-1125 Plasma Arc Cutting Package Manuel utilisateur | Manualzz]


It is not scratch it has a cnc port I can’t read this but I’ve been able to pick up a thing or two something this old I would use with extreme caution A.









Torch Switch


High Frequency**


Gas Solenoid Valve

Voltage Test Points




+15 vdc


+12 vdc


-12 vdc


+5 vdc


IGBT’s driving signal - switching frequency = 16 KHz


IGBT’s driving signal - switching frequency = 16 KHz

For 208/230 VAC input, the IGBT off time is 3msec.

For /460/ VAC input, the IGBT off time is 6msec.

Figure 5.1 IGBT Gating Signal

Les essais sont effectués avec l’appareil en marche – sans arc.

Invalidez la haute fréquence en débranchant le fil bleu situé dans le manchon noir.



Sorry its hf start.

It’s a pilot arc. Not a scratch start

Thank you for your help. I appreciate the time that you spent on this. I will be ordering a new plasma machine that will be compatible with the ArcDroid I just purchased.

I would not recommend a hynade cut60dn consumables are outrageous and a few other people and I have had nothing but trouble figure out what you will cut 90% of the time and go with that, also have more air than you will ever need then double it. Last get all new hoses. PS ask any questions you you might have someone will get back to you.

@Eveeke you may want to read this…

Plasma Cutting Basics | Longevity.

If you have a pilot arc machine, chances are it does not rely on high frequency to initiate the arc. Good Luck & Hope this helps. :+1:

Both my plasma cutters are pilot arc one hf the other is Lf most cutters are pilot arc its a good sales pitch, if you use your old one be extremely cautious

Thanks for the help.
I’m not taking any chances on ruining my new ArcDroid so I ordered a new Everlast 82i plasma cutter.

I’m in the process of making a cutting table as well.

Quaintfab - 32" H x 21" W x 30" L Plasma Cutting Table -
I built my own and wish I would have bought one

Northern Tool had a plasma table on sale
don’t know if it is still on sale or not . I got one and like it just welded a angle platform for the arcdroid and attached i really like it.