Etsy download Fail

Hi All, New to the site!!
Can someone try this download this dxf file and let me know if it will work for you or tell me what I am doing wrong??? Thank you!!!
CADtsyAirHoseHolder.dxf (361.1 KB)

What are you seeing? File too large? Not in front of my ArcDroid at the moment.

Also when i load it in EstlCam I am seeing these lines that go thru your fold points. I am pretty sure this would cause issues

I had a moment and went ahead and removed those bend mark lines. Here is a new DXF and metric ArcDroid gcode with fixed lead ins.
CADtsyAirHoseHolder.gcode (10.6 KB)
CADtsyAirHoseHolder.dxf (105.5 KB)

Disclaimer! I didn’t test so do a dry run first!

KenM, Thank you so much!!! I will give it a try and let you know how I make out.

This forum and the people on it are great!!! Thank you!