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Hey guys can someone help me I have a acouple files that i downloaded. i have been unable to get them to load properly into the ARC.I am using Qcad/Cam and cannot figure out how to get them adjusted to work in the ARC. Both give the DXF. file to big and stop about half way through. they are both fairly simple designs but apparently have too many lines or nodes or something.

happyfallyall-12.dxf (712.8 KB)
FORD_BRONCO_16".dxf (224.7 KB)


Hey Travis
Actually these files are deceptively complicated. It Has to do with the way they were created in the first place. This is typical of files D/Ld of the internet, they are not optimized in any way for CAD/CAM and usually have a billion Points per inch instead of something reasonable.

I was able to Get the Bronco to load with the Tolerance setting at 6 (in metric). I also had to use the Origin command to recenter it as it was way off in space relative to Zero ( Also typical of internet files)

The Happy fall file is terrible! it was clearly traced from a Jpg at some point and is full of a zillion little artifacts and jagged lines. So this is a bit harder to parse.

I was able to get it to load as G-code after some heavy manipulation in Fusion 360… File attached.

This just goes to show that not all files are created equal


Fall pumkin.gcode (58.4 KB)