Hello from guam

I just got my arcdroid today and unbox it, the packaging is great…i also bought the laser pen and a corner / center finder for tracing as im new to cnc cutting tracing is a good start for me, ive been plasma cutting manually by hand but decided to upgrade. and by the way i love the emergency shut off push button. One question, do i have to update the machine after turning it on / calibration? Thanks


Updates happen pretty frequently so more than likely there is newer software that can be installed.
You’ll have to look on your Droid to see what is installed and compare to what is available on the downloads page.


Thank you, i’ll do that

Yes always update when you receive it as there is no telling what versions were out at the time the unit was packaged. The way the updates work there is not a dependency on a previous version in order to get updated to the latest, which is how all software should be.

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