Arcdroid logo not appearing

Hello all,

The last few times that I have used the Droid, the Arcdroid logo doesn’t appear on the screen. Everything seems to work mostly fine…. Is this possibly an update requirement? I haven’t updated since I received the unit late November.

Minor bugs: - once and awhile if you are holding your mouth abit wrong while unplugging the stylus, it will clear any drawing on the screen. (Handful of times, nothing major)

-if you reset/rezero for a cut with the torch tip touching the workpiece, it doesn’t always reset the Z axis, and can push downward as the cut initiates causing friction and binding. Quickly hit stop! And then making sure that the torch tip is a healthy distance above the workpiece, restart, and everything is just fine.

Again, this may all be fixed if I do the update??:man_shrugging:t2:. Nothing major, just don’t want to damage anything.

Firmware update fixes the problem.

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