New Arcdroid, attempting to update failed and now will not boot up

I have had the unit for well over a year and just unboxed it today, followed instructions, fat32, unzip etc. When I hit the reset the screen flashed red with a small green square in the top left hand corner which also flashes. After the 3 flashes the screen remains solid red and goes no further. If I remove the usb and restart the screen is dark. I tried installing an earlier version no dice, the unit did start up with the screen, menu etc before I tried to upgrade it. Ideas?

Mine has done that a few times try hitting the little reset button also are you using a high or low frequency cutter if you still have problems email Andrew at arcdroid and he can walk you through the problems.

Jdd, thanks. I tried a 3rd thumb drive, formatted etc and it seems to have worked, odd but I will take the win on this one