Help with design/cutting

We just got our arcdroid and need a little help. We use inkscape and are familiar with it. My question is when designing how do we design to where the inside of images or words get cut 1st before the outside of the image. For instance an “a” how would the arcdroid know to cut the small circle before the rest of the letter. Ive tried looking for videos but all i see is how to design the stuff but not touch bases on when it goes to cut out. Any help is appreciated thank you!!

@Shellyjoe4 Once the dxf file is read by ArcDroid, the software is pretty good at determining inside vs. outside cuts. ARCdroid also allows the user to order cuts (inside first, and then outside) with an icon on the tablet. Finally, inside/outside cuts can be assigned manually to each cutting path from the tablet if edits are still needed. Honestly, the best way to learn is to just jump in and experiment. You’ll find that this unit has so much other functionality. Good luck! :+1:

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Thank you!! I was nervous but you are right just gotta jump into it!! Thank you again!!