Hummingbird Feeder Hanger

Here’s the Gcode files for a Hummingbird Feeder hanger or plant basket hanger. You can see it being cut in the video here
I cut the hummingbird and hanger separate then welded them together. I am also including a single gcode file with with the hummingbird and hanger assembled so you can cut it all as one and no need to weld it together. (You do still need to weld the bend line on the hanger bracket)

Separate pieces:
Hummingbird2.gcode (62.1 KB)
Hanger.gcode (1.8 KB)

For the brave, a single 1 piece gcode file:
Hummingbird Hanger 1 Pc.gcode (66.4 KB)

Cut Notes:

  • Gcode generated in Fusion360
  • Use a 1.0mm nozzle or smaller (smaller is better)
  • Note: Because of having to use some fusion trickery to get some of the finer details to generate a cut path, with the 1.0mm nozzle I used, I had a couple of the finer vines will burn off. The piece still comes out nice as you can see.

Material and settings:

14 Ga. Cold Rolled
Everlast 82i
1.0mm Nozzle

ArcDroid Settings:

  • Feed: 1175mm/min
  • Clear Z: 12mm
  • Pierce Z: 3 to 3.5 mm (4mm on hanger)
  • Cut Z: 1.7mm
  • Kerf: 0.00
  • Pierce Delay: 0.1 sec
  • Off Delay: 0.5 sec

THC Settings:

  • Delay: 2 sec
  • Smooth: 6
  • Gain 2.75
  • Vel Comp: 3.0
  • Auto SP: On


Nice job. That’s some sweet detail.



Thank you sir!

Cut mine with a Hypertherm 45xp set at 32A
2.5mm cut height



@Andrew Awesome! Looks good.

If anyone else cuts it, post your pics!

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Awesome project…great job

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Cut mine off 18 gauge


Also cut a 1.75 scale on 3/16 cold rolled


I ran off the Hummingbird today. Came out real well. Did the two piece as it made best use of my material. Thanks for sharing the file!


@BobD You’re welcome. Looks great.

I tried cutting one yesterday. had issue with burning out some of the finer details. Any tips to prevent that?

Your kerf setting may be to narrow. Could also try making the project a bit larger with scaling.

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Try cutting faster or use a smaller nozzle. Or a combination of the two.
In this situation, speed is your friend.

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the kerf is set at 0.00 so that could be it. not super familiar with the kerf so i dont mess with it.

ill speed it up, but at the moment all the nozzles I have are the same size. i need to order some other sizes. thanks for the pointers.

Kerf on the ArcDroid should be 0. Kerf was set in fusion and exported in the gcode.

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Hey this may be a good question for you, I’ve watched all your videos.

So the way I understand the kerf settings is that if you create a drawing in Fusion360 you set the kerf in there under tool settings then arcdroid to zero correct? What about feed rate, if you set that in Fusion 360 does it overide arcdroid “tune” settings or does it run on what you have set on Arcdroid?

I have a Hypertherm xp 45 with the 45 sync cartridge. I downloaded the cut setting from Hypertherm with feed rate and kerf settings. I noticed on there it recommends amps to be set at 45, it doesn’t even show an amp setting until you get into the finecut then it lowers down to 40. Does this mean anything your cutting basically between 1/8 - 1/4’’ the setting should be 45 amps and just speed rate adjusted?

Thanks for any feedback.

The feedrate will be loaded from your gcode. The Arcdroid will override it if you change it. Otherwise it will use what’s in the code.

I haven’t used hypertherm. My understanding is the sync system sets amperage to whatever sync cartridge you install automatically. So yes, if you can’t adjust amperage, just adjust your feedrate.

3mm plate , all bits what should drop off just hanging on , maybee needed a bit slower

Looks like you may just need a longer pierce delay. I’m guessing those tabs are from the torch moving before the arc is established and cutting.

I was just dealing with the same issue I extended my delay and I cleared all of the files I had saved to the arcdroids onboard memory along with doing a fresh calibration one of them did the trick