Scorpion file G-code

Another random thing for you. I get asked about this one a lot
This file was created from an Etsy download.

  • scorpion.dxf
  • scorpion.Gcode
  • Generated in Fusion 360
  • Cut from 12 gauge steel
  • Hypertherm 45 @ 45 Amps
  • 1800mm/m
  • 3.25mm pierce
  • 2 mm cut
  • 0.6 pierce delay

scorpion.gcode (45.7 KB)
Scorpion.dxf (68.3 KB)


Learned how to download a G code file and transferred it to the Droid. I’m a PC neo and this was the hard part……. Tweaked the tuning bits to what I’ve been successful with.
Scorpion cut out nicely. Most parts dropped out. Very little dross. A bit of cleanup and welded it together on the underside.
Pretty neat piece I thought for my first “art” item.
Need a 12”x 13” piece of material for it to fit easily.


Thanks that gcode worked well

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How do I open a file in windows Word, note pad I’ve never opened before. I just getting set up with no experience.

@Jdd You don’t open the file, you copy it to a usb stick.

I’m old I’m still rember html thanks for your help

How does the scaling work with the new firmware in the arcdroid? Can this scorpion be loaded as is and then scaled smaller easily?

Scaling works well. Problem with the scorpion file and scaling the size of it would be the assembly slots would get scaled down as well. Would either have to do some grinding or figure what would work for thinner material for a smaller figure. Scaling up and the slots would get bigger.