Firepit scenes how and what to down load

Im new to the arcdroid and CNC, id like to try and cut some firepit scenes and see you can download files off ot etsy, but i have no idea what files to download or how to get them to the arcdroid to cut them.

Help, please…

I would download the picture, trace it on the arcdroid, and then change the size ration of what you want. Anything on Etsy probably took someone 30 seconds to design and it’s not worth paying money for a 2d sketch. Alternatively you could take the picture and go on YouTube and type in how to import 2d sketch into fusion 360 and get a bevy of results. There’s that old saying feed a man to fish vs teach a man to fish. It’s a good learning project and fuel for doing things on your own more in the future.

Ratio, not ration. My cell phone likes to autocorrect.

@WacoKid How do you adjust the tracing size ratio on the Arcdroid Interface? Your saying you can alter the overall size of a completed tracing after the trace has been completed?

To be fair I am not sure but You could do it in Fusion 360 which is where I design and change most things to be honest. Sorry. Pretty sure someone will chime and say its a simple press of some button, lol.

I’m still muddling with Fusion 360…… It would be awesome if you could reduce or increase the size of a completed trace by some percentage on the Droid but I don’t think that feature exists.

Hey Bob

Scale does exist if you import a .dxf file
And you can cheat if you are importing a g code file

Load G-code->go to trace–> push an hold save to save as .dxf->main screen->Load .dxf you just saved and choose scale

Full drawing scale is coming soon to main g-code files