ArcDroid Logo 277mm long

I’ll go first

Here’s a quickie of the ArcDroid™ Logo in DXF and G-code formats

  • Arcdroidcurves.dxf
  • Arcdroidcurves.gcode
  • Generated in Fusion 360
  • Cut from 14 gauge steel
  • Hypertherm 45 @ 30 Amps
  • 1800mm/m
  • 3.2mm pierce
  • 2 mm cut
  • 0.6 pierce delay

Arcdroidcurves.dxf (46.8 KB)
arcdroidcurves.gcode (16.4 KB)


Hope this thread takes off and file contributions roll in.

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Would be awesome to get the file for the logo that was in the x2 video would be a good addition to weld on my table

Should be able to use the scaling feature to enlarge the sign posted here to a bigger size.