Miller 875. What torch?

Question for the more experienced. What torch would work best for the miller 875? Any thoughts? I already have the 875 with atomation kit and trying to understand which torch would work best with the AD.

I don’t think there are really any performance gains between a machine torch and a hand torch with the Droid. Biggest difference would be a machine torch has no safeties involved so cnc ports are a plug and play interface. I don’t know if there is any difference in available consumables between the three Miller torches, but I doubt it. I would say a hand torch can be used for both hand work and cnc but a machine torch is strictly cnc. Of the two machine torches available, the shorty is best for the droid.

@BLC79ER I have the Miller 625, I chose the shorty machine torch, it works great, I have the option with this torch to run 30a or 40a consumables, the 30a gives a slightly finer cut.

The machine torch works better than hand torch as it’s easier to manage the cable into the torch being it is vertical, VS horizontal and moves a considerable amount thru the swing, I have cut on the droid with both , and now use only the machine torch. The bonus is, it’s required to cut skeletons off of base material in order to move the material in to continue cutting, so I just unplug my machine torch and connect hand torch for quick cleanup , then switch back to carry on cutting with the Arcdroid…

That’s my experience, I hope it helps

Here is a link showing the setup I use. I did clearance the clamp in the sled to accommodate the machine torch

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