My installation solution

I have a small garage where space is a very important consideration. Set up the Arcdriod on an existing toolbox. Used Threaded inserts on tabletop so the Arcdriod can easily be removed and installed at the same spot each time. Welded a frame to install on the back of the toolbox. Mounting points are on the corners where the toolbox is most rigid. Used stainless-steel locking hinges (each has 300lb load rating). Hinges bolt to the table frame and toolbox frame via tapped mounting holes. Use a commercial restaurant roasting pan for water bath below the table. The water bath can easily be removed (welded slides under the table) and the table folds down for easy storage. Welded a pipe to the toolbox frame which has a horizontal threaded hole in the side which accommodates an eyebolt so the arm that holds the torch cable can be adjusted vertically or removed. The arm that holds the cable moves freely in the upright (round stock within a square tube). I store the Arcdriod peripherals within the toolbox. I have a small rod passing through the sacrificial supports top side of the table frame when folded to keep them in place.



Thats really sweet looking!

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