Welding table holes to mount

Hey folks,
I have a Stronghand welding table with a plasma side table.
The table has 16mm holes and their centers are 50mm apart center to center.
I’d like to know if the ArcDroid mounting holes correspond to something like that because it would be nice to use my quickplugs using those holes.

Not quite on 50mm centers unfortunately

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Thank you Andrew.

Might be a smart future feature to include more holes in the baseplate to fit some of the standard welding table hole configurations.

Use a few of your indexing pins along 2 perpendicular edges of the arcdroid base plate to line it up the way you want, then hold it down with 2 clamps. I personally wouldn’t want to see my arcdroid base looking like a piece of swiss cheese and would rather just put my own holes in the base, if needed. IMO…There are simply too many patterns out there to make everyone happy.


Could be an optional baseplate that conforms to certain standard table sizes.
Therer could even be special quick release clamps or bolts.
Just thinking out loud but i understand your remark. Cheers.

Use the arcdroid to make your own plate thats what I would have done but I can’t find a local plate dealers