Base plate dimensions

My apologies if this has been asked/answered.
I’m awaiting the delivery of my Arcdroid, and would like to get a mount worked up for my table.

Could anyone share the baseplate dimensions with hole locations, and the material thickness of said baseplate?

Many thanks!


This should help !


Thats terrific thank you Andrew! Can you please tell me what the diameter of the reference holes are at the front of the plate for the calibration triangle? i assume they are 10 mm holes full formed but i hate to assume and just from the drawings the reference holes seem off center from the front mounting holes. Not that they have to be but these are the precise dimensions i need most.

thank you

Excellent! Many thanks Andrew!

The topic is very helpful, I thank you deeply. Could you tell me where the axis of the arm is located?

I’ll try to build this to cut over entire planks.