Arm android level!

Hello to you, I noticed a condition that bothers me a little, my table is perfectly level on the x and y and I also checked that the base of arcdroid is also (see photo) but on the other hand the arm has an inclination (really disappointed!! For a precision tool and the price!!!, is there anyone who has noticed the same thing and is there something to be done!!!

Thats why you don’t level the base of the droid…… note the big sticker on the arm that says “level here”.

I agree BobD the arm is where you put the lever not the base

Anthony in Alabama

Hi, Not sure if I have the same challenge, but with the arm fully extended, the stylis is 3mm lower than with the arm fully in. The tip hits the plate and gets stuck.

When I put the level on the top of the arm fully extended, everything is ok. If I retract the arm, it moves out of position.

Is it possible to adjust this, or is it the axle or bearing that is inaccurate? To me it looks like the axle is not straight?

most likey your table isnt level as once i knew my arcdriod was level then I leveled the table with screw level feet on my table