Post process for Arcdroid


Recently recieved my machine and now be playing with the free version of fusion 360 but it wont allow for me to insert the post process progam downloaded for the arcroid.
Do i now need to fork out another 600 a year to be able to import files or is the another way…

Regards Col

Hey Col,

Just installed the Fusion 360 post-processor to a registered “personal/free” version of F360 using these instructions:

Hope this helps.

  • Glenn

Works for me too on the personal license

Thanks Guys,

I think i got it sorted now.
Now just to try it…

I was able to install it on the “cloud”. Has worked great as I use two computers to run F360 off of.
This is a feature also available on free personal license.

I’m early in figuring fusion out. Are any of the Post Processors listed in the fusion360 Post library good to use with Arcdroid? What exactly is the post processor in the Droid downloads?

Bob, I’m really new, and struggling thru this Fusion 360 learning curve…But I used the Fusion 360 post processor found on the arcdroid download section of the support tab, and was able to import that into the Fusion 360 system in the setup for my tooling…I really have been fumbling thru this, so I hope that helps get you in the right direction, I have been somewhat successful in posting projects to the arcdroid from fusion 360…but barely…LOL

PC illiterate…. From W95 20yrs ago to W11 two days ago on a new laptop.
Not sure how to proceed after downloading PostP. I need step by step help……

I have the arcdroid post processor install into Fusion down ok. Can produce a simple tab design in create. Struggling with tool paths and using the post processing. I watched Andrew’s video on creating the smiley face. I don’t understand why he choses milling and a tool. Fusion has a plasma setting.

@BobD I’m in the same boat, It is very frustrating, I cant get the tool path to repeat on the same part pretty often.

Sometimes it goes perfectly, so I think I understand, then next time it is leaving off big sections. I don’t understand the side bar enough to fix the error(s)

lots of YouTube videos, this is one that is pretty detailed

I hope this helps