Unable to find upload post processor to fusion 360 please help

hi all me again.
ive just watched the video about putting a dxf file to usb for arc droid.
at the end of the video its mentioned that acrdroid post processor software is required.

ive dowloaded the softward but unable to go any further only option windows gives me is to open the file as a word document.
what am i doing so wrong.
sorry in advance im new to cad
thanks .


The Post Processor is not software it is only a file that Fusion uses to translate the fusion file to G-code the ArcDroid understands.

You do not need to “open” it. You simply need to tell Fusion where to find it.
Start by opening the “Post process” tab in fusion

Then choose the little folder Icon

Then Choose “Local” and “Import” and just point it to wherever you saved the file on you computer.

the Arcdroid Post will now show up as an option in the post processor window when creating files



Thank you, I’m going back to square one building a good table and tring to remember I don’t have to know everything all at once. Just %99.99999999 have a good night where did you find this I thought I’ve looked everywhere