Uploading Post processor software for Fusion 360

Hello All,
I am brand new to CAD and am trying to upload the Post Processor program from the arcdroid website to use with fusion 360. Andrew’s video on Fusion 360 assumes prior knowledge of Fusion 360. A video that steps us through how to set up Fusion 360 with the Arcdroid post-processor software that allows fusion 360 to generate G Code that the arcdroid can read would be very helpful.

I found that @Amp_Mechanic_JB has some helpful vids on youtube along with some other vids from guys on here. I had similar issues and watched the vids and it helped me. It was nice cause I could have my computer going with fusion and I could pause the vids when I needed to. Fusion is intimidating when you don’t have any cam or cad skills. I was frustrated when I started to learn too. It just takes time. Hope this helps a bit!

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I have proficient cad skills and F360 is still frustrating - that was thirty years ago though so maybe that has something to do with it lol

I posted this over in the Tips And Tricks section a while back
good way to get yourself started with Fusion

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im having the same issue did you find a good tutorial ?