I’m trying to add the QCAD post processor to the QCAD/CAM software and am not able to copy and paste the Java script into the QCAD/CAM folder. It will not copy and pate nor will it let me drag the files into the folder. Please Help!

G’day Graeme, try adding the QCAD/CAM post-processor this way, assuming you are using the windows operating system :-

  1. go to your ‘program files’ via the Control Panel
  2. scroll to the QCAD/CAM folder and double click on it
  3. a window will open with the “file contents” of the QCAD/CAM program shown
  4. double click the sub-folder named “post processor” (which is in the above window)
  5. the post processor sub folder will open and you will see all the post processor scripts which come already installed in QCAD/CAM
  6. then go to your already downloaded post processor folder from the Arcdroid website and double click on it
  7. there you will find two ‘js’ files.
  8. copy or move these two ‘js’ files into the post processor folder of QCAD/CAM, (number 5 above)
  9. close all the folders you opened and the job is finished.
    Now when you have a design in QCAD/CAM you can export it in the gcode for the Arcdroid, after you select ‘Arcdroid’ in the ‘export’ window which pops up and select a download site, e.g. ‘Documents’ or ‘Desktop’ etc… The gcode will be contained in this created folder. Then download this folder onto a usb drive and plug it into your Arcdroid and select it. Then you are off and running!!
    I hope you can follow this and gain a positive outcome.
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Hey! Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe I did not do such a great job explaining my issue but what you are describing is exactly what I’ve been trying to do. It worked once in the beginning but the post processors did not show up when I opened QCAM so I proceeded to uninstall both QCAM and the post processor. I reinstalled both of the items and I cannot get the JS back into the post processor folder within QCAM. Thanks again for your help!

Hello, I got the JS into the post processor folder but now they do not show up in the post processor drop down menu in the QCAD/CAN application. Any advice?