Replacement Brass Points on Calibration Triangle

I’ve been looking for a few hours on the interwebs for the provider of these allusive brass points without any luck.
Searches tried:
Cone tipped screws
Track shoe studs
Punk spikes
Hex spikes

So far nothing is coming up. Not sure if these are proprietary to ArcDroid but any help finding them would be appreciated!

They are basically a 3D printer nozzle blank. Not sure if that helps or not.

Awesome! I don’t have a 3D printer so I’d never have figured this one out without continuing to spend lots and lots of time (which I have already).

Thank you so much!

Just use M6 bolt machine point on it in the lathe :+1:t2:

I can do that but (there’s always a but), the head is an M8 hex size to tighten into place with the M6x1.0 thread on the bottom. So taking any bolt, screw, grub screw and simply lathing it away to some random point isn’t ideal. What is the angle of the point? My measurements and calcs show it to be 85°, not a standard 90°. Mating up to the calibration probe might or might not be an issue. Don’t know how particular it needs to be. My best option is to keep things simple and use what the original part is.

Yes, one could just use a grub screw that has a point “but” in order to secure it, it would have to be put in from the opposite side. That won’t work for me.

Appreciate the response though!

As long as the point is concentric with the threaded portion you are all set. Angle, height of cone really don’t come into play. The 3d printer nozzles look like they would work fine, bonus they are cheap. Look on fleabay. You could replace all the droid points with new points and then they would be all the same. Remember, you are calibrating the X and Y, not the Z axis.
I’m sure Andrew at Arcdroid can fix you up with a replacement. Just a phone call or email away.