Screen Communication Cable

Screen cable is it just a high speed ethernet cable. Just asking in case it gets damaged.


yup standard CAT6 cable Limited to about 6 feet long for good comms

So a longer cable not a great idea? I my screen is mounted on the table and it could use another foot or so.

Depends If you have an Arcdroid manufactured After Nov 22 it will have “V2” laser engraved above the cable port on the screen.
These have a much better comms chip in them than earlier ones and can go a lot farther.
If its a V1 (no engraving) then after about 6’ you risk possible data loss. I have done as much as 10’ but it’s not as reliable


Great, thanks I’ll check it out.

I am looking to do a really long ehternet cable like 20Ft minimum to play with the arcdroid screen while in the house, i live in florida my garage is crazy hottttt . I assume that would be ok?