Problems whit my machine

I got a problem with my machine, when i start it up , no cmms for 5 sec. what should I do?
Some idés?

I dont yet have my machine but this error implies that your controller isnt talking to the CNC unit mostly likely because the ethernet cable is either not connected correctly OR its a bad cable. From all i read it seems to be standard RJ45 cable so if you have a longer one it should work.

AGAIN i dont yet have my machine AND i have had no response on my thread question as to whether communications between the two boards are based on standard LAN or it’s a crossover cable( t because there is not switch or router between them i would think it would need to be if it does use Ethr Comms) OR if just uses the cable as an easy way for the end user to connect the controller board to the robot with uhmm serial or rs485 ???

Anyway… in my experience no comms is a cable issue most likely.

thanks for the reply. tried with a different network cable but it was the same.