Screen freezes locks up

Has anyone else had the problem when editing a drawing using simple trace and it just freezes/locks up and only way to fix is by restarting? It’s happened at least a dozen times since new updates. Re-installed firmware and simple trace and still has the problem. Soon as restart it’s fine. I’ll attach a pic of the screen it freezes on.

Thanks for any support!

brand new updates but you have to install both of them or it does not work.

Yeah I did both firmware and simple trace…twice.

Does it freeze on a specific screen? The pattern screen, or the shape parameter screen, etc?

You can try putting a file named “reset.txt” on the USB drive and reset the machine with the USB drive inserted. That’ll reset all the SimpleTrace settings to factory defaults (machine settings stay, you don’t need to re-calibrate after).

Same happens with mine. I can edit 4 or 5 elements fine, then on the next element it freezes just like yours. My cure is to edit maybe 3 elements, then save, then edit another 3, then save and so on. Not the text book way but it works.

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Since I updated to the latest FW and simple trace it hasn’t happened again but I haven’t really put it to the test yet.

Yes mine does exactly what you described.

I reached out to Andrew and his team. They said they are working on it. Hope to hear back, when I do I’ll post up

I am experiencing the same issue. Updated to newest versions. As others have mentioned I can layout some objects then it will randomly freeze. Has this issue been resolved?

I am having the same issue. Screen lock up and nothing works until you reset. Then works fine for a while then locks up again does it when in simple trace for me. Since i have not cut since the up grade i don’t know how it acts while cutting. I have to cut out side under carport and since it is cold and rainy. I have not cut any parts. Maybe i get my shop built this year. Just no room in garage.
Anthony in Alabama

I was playing with my arcdroid trying to understand what was causing it to freeze, while in trace it seemed to freeze most often if I selected the red settings button. It would freeze right when the new screen appears. I uploaded a short video of it happening


Can you send a screen shot of your Version info?
Settings->tap AD logo 5 times->Version Info

I had this happen to me several times tonight. I was deleting part of my traces and on the 4th trace it would freeze. It seemed to always be the 4th trace no matter the size or complexity. Has anyone figured this out? Thanks

I have been experiencing the same issue. Today I took the case around the screen off and cleaned out a piece of spatter that was between the case and the screen, It seems to have solved my problem.