Latest Updates bad?

Just did the latest 2 updates . Firmware and simpletrace unit stays locked up on the screen. Reverted both to a previous version and now back to working status with THC unlocked and active. I thought there was an update that made it auto level and unkocked onboard memory? No ?

Mine does the same thing I just hit the reset button and it kicked on. If I continue to have problems I will get back to my old update.


If it’s locked up it’s because the main machine firmware was not updated properly. Both have to be up to date in order to talk to each other

We’ve actually updated the version of Simple trace on the DL page to include a firmware check at start up and let you know if the machine still needs updating

So give that one a go.


Works great thanks. (20 characters)

Ahh I apologize i missed the micro sd part of the instructions i was s
o used to just using a thumbdrive . The new update menus helpful Nice improvement. TY