Auto level not working

When I load auto level it goes through the first set of three just fine but it locks up dead on the test run I’ve done reset and on and off and re-tried three times I had to adjust the torch up to be on the save side


That means you haven’t updated the main machine firmware you need to update Both Simple Trace AND the machine firmware for Auto Level to work.


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Both were updated the day I got it, I’ll reload them both tomorrow and see if it helps I’ve been using it all weekend with no problem’s. Should I use the torch or the simply Trase styes when I use the Hight controller?

Hey @Jdd

You can check you Firmware version by hitting Settings->Tap the AD logo 5 times->version Info
both should be May 14 or later

Thanks ill let you know

everything new It works I forgot to zero the part before calibration I’m going to recalibrate later on today if I get to filling better cover all the bases.

Might be easier for us old farts to automatically zero on the first test guarantee I’ll forget about it again