Tree of life for old Circular saw blades

Adapted a tree of life DXF for use on a circular saw blade with a center hole of 20mm or less (5/8" to 34")
The Zero origin is the dead center of the hole
GCode made with sheetcam with a kerf of 1mm
Blade size 12" or 300mm but can be resized

Gcode has over 6000 lines so need to be in 4 parts for AD - just load and cut each part without moving the work!
TOL1.gcode (103.1 KB)
TOL2.gcode (78.7 KB)
TOL3.gcode (31.1 KB)
TOL4.gcode (90.6 KB)

tree of life.dxf (682.9 KB)


Very nice work! Thanks for sharing

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