Wanting to hire someone to make a file for my new biz

Hi everyone,
Wanting to Hire someone who can design a simple sign file for me so I can cut it out on my Arcdroid X2 for my new business.
My 1st show is on June 7 and I would like to have my business name on display at my booth.
I can provide more detail upon request. I have some ideas of what I want . Any questions, I welcome an email/phone call 702 239 1397 to discuss further.

Glenn Green in Corpus Christi, Texas

You have a machine that can cut out a sign, why hire someone to run it? You can literally get on youtube or google and search, “how to make a sign in fusion 360” and in less than an hour make one yourself and cut it out…

Perfect…I’ll take a look. Thank you.

Did you get your design done yet, I’m still waiting for my plasma to get here, so I’m not positive it will work. but I’m quite the wizard on my laser cutter program. I can whip up a vector file pretty quick

Thank you for reaching out.
I did find someone.