Share your skills make some $$$$

Hi guy’s (and gals). I have what might be a crazy idea or maybe I’m not the first to think of it. Why don’t some, or one of you folks that are well versed in F360 create some generic drawings like letters,numbers, symbols etc.and put them on USB sticks and sell them to us old school computer illiterate soles. It would be so handy to be able to plug in a stick and cut out a nameplate as opposed to trying to using F360 or simple trace. Just an idea.


I think the problem with your suggestion is that is a slow process and aligning a new letter or whatever to complete your message each time (on the software for arcdroid) would be like typing an email one letter at a time and hitting send after every letter. It is counter productive to efficiently getting the work done and I imagine if you went on youtube and googled how to do whatever in F360 it would be 15 to 20 minutes of watcha video while pausing to copy the process, but with your own text or shape. Essentially the benefit of CAD is you assemble all your drawing at once, organize it, and then dump it into the post processor and hit print and a short time later it is done, or reproduced to your dimension, at which point you can have that on the USB disk if you like. Then you can slide a new sheet of metal under the AD and hit start again, cut or whatever the button to go is. Wash rinse and repeat with precision. Fusion 360 is the assembly software for getting it all in one screen, aligned and organized. You don’t have to learn a lot about fusion to do that much, especially in 2D before you start adventuring into custom drawings. The harder stuff is importing a picture and turning it into a cutout or drawing but I would probably do that with Inkscape before I turned to F360 to be fair.